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Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, a resident expert on a common gamer condition called Altitis.

With the Pre-Patch in full swing, let’s focus on…our Alts.
While there is already plenty to do with the 7.0 patch in play, alts are worth the focus.
If you still have any alts in that level 90 to 100 range, the experience needed has been greatly reduced, making the process faster than ever.
You should also give your various alts and their specs a full run through to see how you like them.
You might even find yourself switching your ‘main’ character to something new, due a total class overhaul.
And for those of us with multiples of a class; worry not.
Even though all specs are now open to us with the click of a button, the Legion artifact weapon you choose has a major impact.
Multiple class alts means multiple artifact quest lines to experience, just in time for the lore buffet to begin.

If you have questions, tips, or want to discuss a topic further, find us on twitter at @altitisnet, and show notes can be found on altitis.net
On behalf of the Alt Army, we hope you find this information useful in the treatment of your Altitis.

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