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Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, your guide in treating a common gamer condition called Altitis.

As we settle into patch 7.3, it’s time to…focus? Again?
Strange as it sounds, the Legion expansion has really put an emphasis on focusing on one path, or alt.
With Artifact Knowledge automatically increasing every week, there is less of a need to grind out every alt’s Artifact Power.
Every alt gains access to the Netherlight Crucible and other Argus amenities once one character unlocks them, so multiple grinding isn’t needed.
Also, with the Crucible’s power being linked to Artifact Level, it is best to focus on only one weapon.
Even reputation pays to focus on, with the upgraded Argus Flight Whistle now being a toy that all alts can use once obtained.
And with account bound Unsullied gear drops sealing the deal, it really does pay to keep a main alt as your focus.
But there is something that still benefits from an army of alts, and that’s the endless Horsemen’s Reins runs.

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On behalf of the Alt Army, we hope you find this information useful in the treatment of your Altitis.

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