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Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, your guide in treating a common gamer condition called Altitis.

Has your level grind gotten stale? Let’s Legion it up.
While the current timing of the Broken Isles Legion invasions is rather inconvenient, it is something to look forward to for alt leveling.
Six hours is plenty of time to finish these world quests, but the time until the next invasion will likely place it at an odd time of day.
Like a sneak peek of world quests to come at level 110, any alt leveling 100 to 110 can participate in these varied quests.
In addition to the experience granted for finishing each quest, many of them will also include an experience bonus.
Finishing every available invasion quest will often net you about a level’s worth of experience.
I do recommend you have Broken Isles flying for this however, as hoofing it will make this rather tedious.

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On behalf of the Alt Army, we hope you find this information useful in the treatment of your Altitis.

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