Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, a resident expert on a common gamer condition called Altitis.

The aim of this segment is to be a guide on how best to handle being Alt Capable in the gaming world.
I’ll be approaching both playing multiple games at the same time, and how best to focus your time on games that promote having many types of characters.
As I am also Alt Capable, I will be sharing experiences and tips that I have come to find to be most effective.
I will be sampling many types of games, such as MMOs, RPGs, MOBAs, and really any type of game that allows for varied choice of character when playing.
For the most part, I will be using a bit of my own medicine and using explanations that can work on multiple games, but from time to time I will be focusing on specific games that are well designed for multiple characters.

If you have questions, tips, or want to discuss a topic further, find us on twitter at @altitisnet, and show notes can be found on altitis.net
On behalf of the Alt Army, we hope you find this information useful in the treatment of your Altitis.

And that, ladies and gentlemen (and anything else you might identify as), is our first segment. Let me know what you thought, as I plan to do more. Having me continue being bad at this will be on your hands otherwise!

Where to find it:

AIE Podcast #246