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Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, your guide in treating a common gamer condition called Altitis.

Unless you’ve learned engineering an every alt, let’s discuss gear craft professions.
In Legion, the leather working, tailoring, and blacksmithing professions took a bit of hit on their usefulness.
The gear these professions make is easily outclassed the moment you hit max level, and can’t be worn until then anyway.
The only usefulness these gear pieces serve at this point in the expansion is their transmog looks.
They are each worth getting to max profession level once, for things like mounts and toys, but you can drop the profession afterwards.
They also all have collectible toys and other novelties, such as pet toys, and the occasional social consumable, but their popularity doesn’t match that of engineering items of similar make.
Most of these consumables are also trade-able, leaving little use of holding on to that profession beyond losing the time and effort getting there.
It wouldn’t hurt to have your less active alts keep one of each of these professions though, in case the next expansion changes things for the better.

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