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Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, a resident expert on a common gamer condition called Altitis.

Grinding levels on another alt? Why not tackle…the Gorgrond Trophies of Glory.
In a previous segment, I explained how Gorgrond was a great zone to grind when you are on the road to level 100.
In particular though, a meaty chunk of experience comes in the form of trophy collecting, specifically from larger game.
There are eight targets in total, all a fair harder challenge than your typical questing monster, but worth the effort.
You will find them making a sort of circle around Highpass on the map, and each one drops a quest starter that you want to hold on to.
First, there are the plant based monsters: Biolante and Fungal Praetorian.
After these, you’ll want to keep an eye on for Charl Doomwing and Roardan the Sky Terror, two flying Rylaks.
Crater Lord Igneous, Erosian the Violent, and Dessicus of the Dead Pools are more elemental based monsters, and have hard hits to prove it.
Finally, Khargax the Devourer will finish the round-up.
Once complete, head to your Garrison outpost in Gorgrond.
Here, you can finally activate all eight quests, and turn them in all at once.
This allows you to first pop an experience potion and the more potent elixir, and get an easy level of experience in the process.
Bring a friend to tackle these critters, and you’ll be done before these mini-bosses know what hit them.

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