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Greetings Gamers. This is Mewkow, a resident expert on a common gamer condition called Altitis.

Need a vacation? Ready to hang out with some goblins? It’s time to explore…Pinchwhistle Point.
Don’t worry, this isn’t a Horde only area. The Pinchwhistle goblins will take help from anyone offering it.
They offer pretty worthwhile rewards for that help, if you follow the quest line to the end.
If you have been following the Spires of Arak main quest line, you should get an invite to head down to Pinchwhistle Point, or you can head down yourself at about level 97.
Here, you will find a group of goblins dealing with some pesky fungus, and in need of some heroics.
With the Arak garrison outpost experience bonus, and the usual setup of leveling gear and experience potions, you should get at least a level from the full set.
There are also a number of rare monsters, and bonus objective areas nearby, that will be a great boost to your leveling.
You will also be rewarded with the Scrapyard blueprints for your garrison, something that will produce some useful scrap from garrison missions, especially if you upgrade it to level 3.
Don’t leave too quickly though, because you will also be offered a new garrison follower once the quest line is complete.
This follower will start at level 97, which will be rather useful. It is also an engineer, which will be useful if you happen to have the engineering craft shop.
On top of all the useful perks, the quest line is interesting, and a quick finish especially if you have flight. You did get flight, right?

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